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Golden Beach

Skala Panagia, or Golden Beach, is a tourist resort in the northern part of Golden Beach Bay. It is alive only in season, so it has many disadvantages when we talk about everyday needs. In addition to numerous taverns on the coast and beach bars, there is a mini market and a bakery. The village is long and there is a hill on the other side of the road, so pay attention when choosing accommodation. The beauty of Golden Beach definitely cancels out all the disadvantages. The clear, clean, Aegean blue color of the sea, the golden sand and the facilities on the beach attract tourists the most. All taverns and bars offer sunbeds and umbrellas, which, depending on the bar, are paid for separately or provided with consumption. A footpath connects this village with Skala Potamia, which is larger and has a larger tourist offer. The village of Panagia is the nearest larger settlement, which is about 4 km away. Golden Beach can be reached from two directions, either through the village of Panagia or along the coast from Skala Potamia. Skala Panagia is a good choice for families with children because of the beach and long shallows.

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