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Marble Beach (Saliara)

Saliara beach is located in the northeast, 6 km from Limenas. The beach is beautiful and because of the color of the sea, it reminds more of exotic places than the other beaches of Tasos. It is surrounded by a pine forest and the base of small white stone (marble) gives the water a special blue-white color. It is organized with a beach bar, sunbeds and umbrellas that are paid for separately. Shower and toilet are available with additional payment. It has been very popular in recent years and is very crowded throughout the season. There are only a few squares on the beach without sunbeds, which you can freely use (left and right corner of the beach), but only if you arrive on time and secure a place for yourself. We suggest going to this beach early because it is very crowded during the day. The sun sets here earlier than on other beaches, which is why Saliara empties earlier. To reach Saliara beach, follow the road from Limenas to Makryammos. In front of the entrance to the hotel complex on the right is a dusty road that leads straight to Saliara, about 4 km long. The road is wide and it has been improved enough, but you have to be very careful. At the beach there is a parking area, which is free of charge. The beach is located under one of several marble mines, so the road as well as the parking lot is very dusty. The same road is used by trucks transporting marble.

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